Protective Case 0,5mm for Funko POP! Figures 4”

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  • 0.5 MM Plastic Funko Protector.
  • EASY TO CONSTRUCT: Auto locking bottom design that makes our Funko display case easy to assemble. Spend less time putting together and don’t worry about damaging the corners of your Funko Pop box.
  • PROTECTIVE FILM: Each Funko case protector is individually wrapped with its own wrapping film that keeps the protector from getting scratched before it gets to you.
  • THEY LOCK Push-lock tab that adds structural integrity to the box when formed, and keeps the Pop safely inside no matter what happens. Stack and display your rare exclusive or favorite character in their original Funko box without worrying of any damage
  • 100% RECYCLABLE Funko Pop Plastic Protector: By purchasing PET, you are doing your part to support their reuse, all parts of it can be recycled and turned into a multitude of new uses.

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